Code Enforcement

Code Enforcement Officer – Johnny Calhoun

Please contact Town Hall Clerks office for further code complaints at 352-742-1100

Email –

To report a possible code violation in your neighborhood or if you have received a code enforcement notice, please contact the code enforcement officer.

Code violation submissions are online!  Please use the button located on the left side of page for submissions!

Code Enforcement Hearing Schedule

Date Time Location Agenda Minutes
 2014-July-3  6:00PM  Community Bldg Blank Blank

 Code Enforcement Violations


CE09-14-003 12903 Georgia Ave Code Magistrate

Pending Return Notice – In Code Enforcement the due process of each case for the violations to be fixed is 30days. Certified mail is sent, and I have to receive a notice that the homeowner is aware of the situation.

Code Magistrate – In Code Enforcement once the date for the violation to be fixed has exceeded and the violation still exists, I will set a Court Magistrate date. This process involves another 30 day notice unless the structure is deemed unsafe.

Code Enforcement follows a strict guidelines of Violations, if the property does not have a violation I would then close the case as UNFOUNDED. These are all public record and a request can be made anytime as well as a written letter of explanation as to why no action was taken if requested.

(As of 4/3/2015 no current date is set for the Court Magistrate)

As of 12/17/2014 there have been a total of 62 Code Enforcement Cases. Astatula Code Enforcement has CLOSED 56 with 6 cases remaining open.